Marketing – it’s my new buzz!

I think I’ll have to go some to impress this guy!

I think the Government would perhaps like its A&E Consultants to engage in some reverse marketing, but equally A&E docs tend to have can-do attitudes making the whole area of marketing hugely exciting.

Naturally I wouldn’t have the first clue where to start but YouTube and Google as ever have plenty help.

The most useful site I have seen is that Ben Cummings. I’ll put a screenshot in the next post. He has cool ideas and a great approach – though think a lot of his free stuff is now out of date. He’s a US Chiropractor but much of the advice is transferable.


Another one is Matthew Loop ( a DC Chiropractor) who runs They both have blogs and updates and Twitter accounts.Mashable is also very useful though there are reams of it come into your inbox daily. I’ve saved quite a lot of posts though.

So I’m getting there – come along for the ride while I find some cool ways forward. I’ll impress him yet!


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