The Competition – TFIC! Like I’m qualified to critique!

The Competition

As part of any decent research project you need to see who else is doing what.

Doctors are generally an innovative bunch but many sites are a bit, well, dull. Most have photos though not all are equally persuasive!

Ben Cummings is ABSOLUTELY clear – you must include a video.

Some look quite corporate, some very amateur. My 2 favourites are (unsurprisingly) by Paediatricians (also coincidentally both from the North West).

The first is Colin Bernstein (another Paeds Consultant) from Manchester. He has very sleek dark grey dividing horizontal bars which look hugely professional and also primary / secondary colours with vector silhouette pictures of children. This works exceptionally well visually. The navigation was also very clear.

The second is Melissa Hubbard (Paeds Allergy) who has a very slick site though it has been done professionally (they advertise it on their website). What works is the few pictures with clear muted colours and consistent formatting. They are formatted in bands across the screen & it really works. The photos are of family beach scenes which project happy positive images.

Many of the Harley Street ones are less compelling. An awful lot are generic ones supplied by the Private Hospitals such as Spire or BMI.

Hopefully mine will rank well too – we’ll just have to wait & see!


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