I first started this using iWeb (completely oblivious to it’s being condemned – effectively abandoned by Apple so effectivel ‘defunct’). It was supposedly easy, but I wanted something fab not average and it was good but difficult to do precisely what you want.

WYSIWYG isn’t quite true – things mysteriously ‘jump’ or ‘migrate’. They appear in quite different on the site and the various previews. Never mind, a fiddle & a fudge here and there and Bob’s your uncle! For a newbie though, after a huge amount of perseverance I had it! Great! But then iWeb wasn’t being updated or still hosted on MobileMe – announced the week after I finished. Weirdly I didn’t lose the plot @ this point but realised how useful the experience was. I still have the files on my old MacBook for posterity.

I then did some extensive research and went for Freeway which was pretty similar but also had another learning curve. So far so good. It matched this blog. Another tick. Then I got a little bogged down in preparatory paperwork and then came across HTML Egg for iPad – & I LOVE the iPad! I now have another whole new site – the homepage previewed below.

None are easy. They require dedication and perseverance (or a very simple approach). But it looks good – & I’m happy!



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