Love this guy! Motivating me to impress!


My Current Situation

I’m in the process of starting up in Private Paediatric Practice. No mean feat when some of the local Private Hospitals have had to move away from seeing younger children due to increasing insurance.

For that reason I am gearing up to starting my practice in a local GP surgery out of hours. The facility is brand new and of high quality. It also has a nice ambiance or vibe.

One of my new interests has been the whole area of marketing. Wow! It’s so cool! Things have moved so quickly that I don’t think it even existed like this when I was choosing careers. I suspect the Department of Health would want it’s A&E Consultants to do a spot of reverse marketing! It seems however that this same can-do attitude mixes well with marketing.

It’ll be an exciting ride! I’ve already done most of the groundwork, but come along with me for the ride for the finesse bits.


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