Video – you must have it!


What about video?

Seems you can upload videos into your site ( but this uses acres of space) or you can upload them into YouTube.
I also wanted to try a slideshow creator like WOWSlider but it needed a licence for $50. Glad I waited as I only wanted a simple looped self-playing presentation and I managed this be creating QuickTime movies from Keynote. I feel I have more control over this and didn’t get the cost hit.

YouTube is great ( for watching as well as hosting). I have clips that I wouldn’t want folk to find in a random search as they need to be in context so these can be not public, but able to accessed only by those who have a link to the video. I also have some that people have found too graphic constipation and foreskin problems and currently I have left those as private.

I’d better get going – I have a snowball mic and Flip video camera – & they seem to be pretty idiot-proof!

They are easy to manage and edit from your own YouTube account. It also means that they are hosted there and so don’t slow loading of your web page. You snooze you lose! Folk will move on very quickly


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