BRIEF Solution Focused Therapy


What is this all about?
Surely General Paediatrics is just what is says on the tin – you diagnose, you treat & the job’s a good ‘un.
Except often it’s not. That”s not because our diagnosis was wrong or slightly off, and not because we didn’t choose the best medicine.
It’s because as doctors we’re a bit reluctant to admit it’s not just medical – it seems like admitting failure. Saying there’s a psychological element sounds like a cop-out when nothing else has helped.

But what if we turned it all on its head? What if we recognised that there aren’t exclusively medical or exclusively psychological problems, but one big bulge right in the middle? What if we set out right from the start to include psychological aspects as part of the cause right from the get-go – because we knew we old treat them?

So far there’s no practitioners occupying that niche (I have it all to myself so far), though with medical advice involved it could never be ‘pure’ SFT.

Think about it – it’s perfect!



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