Twitter actually works!



I wonder what we should call twitter folk who sit on the sidelines and watch and wait, and wait….twooses? I am now an ex-twoose. Like many I signed up & even had personal & business accounts (& actually kept them separate!).

I sat on the sidelines though I followed some pretty cool folk and learnt lots. Much of this was enduring tech advice or of-the-moment news or gossip. The world doesn’t need details of the minutiae of my life (hell, it would bore me!). I do have value though – I just needed to find out how to put it out there.

I did a life-changing course in Dec2010. Not a passing fad, buta real paradigm-shifting one. Everything changed after it. (In retrospect actually quite a lot had changed before it!).

The course was not really known to medics as a group, and it just warranted a seriously positive review.

I wrote it here, and tweeted the course organisers (BRIEF therapy London) @briefsolutions who not only replied alerting their followers but also linked it on their Facebook page. From 2-3 views per day I had 20-25/day & they looked around. Brilliant!
Just wish I’d thought to create a bit more content for them to browse before I sent the link.

Hey-ho – I’m carrying on and hoping to add value the & there


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