Good news story – the Olympic Torch passed through Southport today!



What a wonderful day! Nobody talked of the waste of taxpayer’s money, but laughed along with some random green alligator! Also whipped up into a frenzy by an animation team provided by TSB with streamer-flag things to wave – weirdly in green. Also the blue Samsung bus and the red Coke bus.

Strangely the corporates were all quite dull and bored-looking ( excluding the fabulous and endlessly energetic TSB detail). The stars of the day were the police who were really in the spirit of it waving and supporting and smiling – wonderful atmosphere.

Great to see whole schools out to see it, particularly some of our special schools. One Liverpool special school ( Sandfield Park) had a pupil carrying the torch @ Lime Street and he others were all going out to support – I hope they had as much of a blast as we did!

Glass of champagne timed perfectly before the torch arrived struck the right note – a passer- by concluding we’d brought our own when she saw the cut glasses.

Very glad went & now can’t wait for the Olympics to start!


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