Positive – that’s just British @ Jubilee Weekend!



60 years of ‘reign’ should have been the predictor!
2 years of planning, a flawless wonderful Royal Wedding last year, the scene was set. We knew the Queen and Prince Phillip were really excited.
Wonderful boats to recreate the famous Canaletto. Some maintained since Dunkirk rescues, some work boats, some pleasure cruisers, dragon boats, row boats, children in tiny motor launches representing each of the Commonwealth countries.

So how did it go?
It started foggy and dank. Everyone was frozen to the bone and looked it. Hair clung to glamorous newsreaders heads, clothes drooped, flags drooped, make-up ran and the music was drowned out by the noise of the rain.

How did people approach it? They smiled (and still are, though possibly post-alcohol!) People sang and danced and developed a new Jubillee Jig. They stayed, and they cheered and they made new friends and partied. The choirs were drenched, not just wet but drenched to the bone, but they belted out the favourites.
Some people went for a day out, or because they didn’t want to miss something big, but they all got into it. They had a ball.

Did anyone complain about the abysmal weather? No, or certainly not much. We all made the best of it, just like the Brits always do.we’re positive, resilient and just a bunch of good eggs!

Proud today & everyday to be British!


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