Real triggers for migraine – try a pair of sunnies!


Image kindly contributed by from David Castillo Dominici – thanks!

do kids really get migraines?

Yeah, they really do! Sometimes happening as tummy pains first, or even a combination of tummy and head pains. They are (by far) the most common cause of isolated recurrent headaches in kids.viral infections are probably the actual commonest.

If you’re worried though, contact your local healthcare provider.

why do they always seem worse on schooldays?

Usually not because your child hates school (though obviously some do!). It seems to be related to factors that happen at school compared to home. These include getting up earlier, sometimes not having breakfast – both tiredness and not eating regularly can be triggers, as can the stress of rushing.

But the real ‘biggies’ are the many bright strip fluorescent lights and the noise – hundreds of boisterous children jostling between lessons is any sane adult’s idea of torture! The other related trigger is focusing on the now-ubiquitous whiteboards. It’s pretty impossible to avoid the noise (though in very severe cases moving before the end of the lesson may help). The brightness can be helped to an extent. Sitting slightly back from the whiteboard seems to reduce the glare, and wearing glasses (even non-prescription ones) with a tint or proper sunglasses can help significantly.

what about the classical triggers?

Some are still common, but it’s most important to find the individual’s triggers rather than use a blanket ban of what later may be some of life’s great pleasures – red wine, chocolate, citrus etc.

Medications are much more effective these days – both during attacks and as prophylaxis. They may have significant side effects though so avoiding (avoidable) triggers becomes very desirable.

See if this applies – if it does, or it helps me, please comment & share!


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