My Olympic trip


Image kindly contributed by by Salvatore Vuono – thanks!

A great family day yesterday! We saw men’s hockey – a first game with favourites which lacked a bit in the atmosphere (and goals!) stakes and a second with mass support (Dutch supporters easily spotted in bright orange,).

Great atmosphere in the park and phenomenal venues – enough to inspire the less athletic of us to strive to do something!

What will I remember the most about the day? The sun shone -all day! The volunteers were all friendly and created a lovely atmosphere. There was ‘street’ entertainment billed but we never saw any.

I know that McDonald’s has taken a bit of flak for serving supposedly unhealthy food, but generally most of the food available was similar fare. The kids lived it of course – buoyed by the Olympic themed toys. They were less impressed at the scale of the restaurant or it’s ecological credentials!

There was a lot of publicity about available water, and it was available, but certainly not obviously so. Drinking water (r squash) is one of the big pushes with many children with either constipation or urinary symptoms such as frequency and urgency. I wish it ad been more obviously available.


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