Stop that horrible ‘gag’ when your child’s throat is examined with this easy tip – need to reach lots of docs!



I really need to do a video or photo series for this one!

I actually need to do a video of how to position children to look in their ears and throat – it is positioning that makes it least traumatic – the doctor should only concentrate on looking & to look quickly.

Not sure how I came to even know about this – trial & error or inside info – I’m not sure.
All parents remember traumatic times having their child’s throat examined – and a very unlikely few will ave experienced a simultaneous vomit.

There’s a much easier way. Generally the trauma and vomits are caused by much the same effect as opening the mouth to open to see the throat – the gag reflex stimulated by pushing something back in the mouth towards the back to trigger the gag reflex.

OK, how to avoid it?

Strangely it’s actually fairly simple – though only really works in children old enough to co-operate, or young enough to be ‘positioned’.

I tell children that if they can do things this way, I won’t need the wooden spatula – and then i put it visible, but very obviously out of my reach.
By leaning the upper body forwards, and then tipping the head backwards, the tonsils become easily visible without any additional manoeuvres – everyone is happy!
Try it next time you’re getting your child’s throat examined. I’d love someday to have this as the standard examination method for kids throats.

Let me know what happens when you try it!

56 people read this on day one – please feel free to leave comments!


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