Food & other allergies – a fantastic resource


An excellent site with a lot of practical fact sheets to download – take a look and send them some feedback!
10 FAQs in allergy / anaphylaxis still to come


3 responses to “Food & other allergies – a fantastic resource

  1. Still questioning

    A big topic requiring experienced food scientist!! But beginning to answer more questions.. perhaps.

  2. Superb resource. It seems that allergy is frequently not recognised, yet has significant impact on health of individuals affected. If not picked up is clearly detrimental on child’s ability to learn, socialise etc. Not surprising when has a systemic affect. Of course this is just my opinion! An area that clearly requires much more support for research and increased awareness. So glad I found this blog. Incredible what a difference to a child when they start to feel well.
    Hope you keep blogging!or perhaps write a book?.

  3. It’s interesting how much children can tell you by what they won’t eat! Then there’s those ‘fussy’ eaters… Eg demand to eat pancakes..only to eat a few mouthfuls and change their mind! (or be too busy hiccupping to eat more)

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