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A Paediatric Consultant with delusions of competence in the fields of website design, blogging, marketing and general technophilia!


To (hopefully) keep within the new GMC guidelines in effect 22/04/2013, I should present my credentials as: Dr Sharryn Gardner BSc MRCP(Paed) FRCPCH MPhil – GMC number 4122065.

Following a busy Paediatric acute practice, as well as a busy outpatient General Paediatric Service I am now embarking on a whole new area setting off into Private Practice. Daunting yes, but also hugely exciting.

Within the NHS I can deliver friendly efficient customer-centred care but inevitably there are some constraints. One of my focuses is on patient (and family!) experience going beyond standard diagnosis and treatment.

Why would doctors want to embark on Private Practice? Is it the money? Perhaps, but there’s a lot of up-front costs and a lot of risks. I might build it and they might not come! There’s a freedom to practice how you feel you can for individuals (within the constraints of Private Insurers where they’re involved), rather than to serve the NHS as a whole.

I’ve starting practising Solution Focused Therapy. It’s doable for medics, it’s enjoyable, and most of all it works! And, for the Private Medical Insurers it works quickly!

Hope you enjoy the blog, and enjoy the journey with me – perhaps we’ll meet some day


Best Wishes



10 responses to “Dr sharryn Paediatrician – drsharryn.com

  1. Thanks Ann! I’m quite nervous of getting it wrong, but just need to make the leap then sure I’ll love it !

  2. Months later.. and hope that leap is proving successful!
    From what I’ve read of Solution Focused Therapy it makes sense (and sounds similar to approach I used when working! .)
    Your unique way has certainly helped us enormously.
    Best of luck!

    and Thankyou.
    Ann T

  3. Hi Dr.

    I’ve had approx 30 sachets of Movicol over the past 5 days. I’m having some watery diarrhea today but hoping for a big clear out soon! What if it doesn’t happen?!!! I thought it would have at this stage. Thank you.

    • hi Dee – you certainly had quite a bit. It may be the watery diarrhoea is you emptying out – sometimes doesn’t produce the ‘rocks’ you’re expecting – just flushes out broken into tiny pieces. Sounds lively I know. If so you might have noticed your tummy a bit flatter or that you just feel less ‘full’,

      See what you think. It’s not always easy to tell if it’s worked or not.

  4. Thank you for your reply. I had an X-ray yesterday and my GP could see that I’m all backed up. I’m having more diarrhea today . Considering I’ve been constipated this time for weeks, do you think it will take weeks for me to start to return to (my) normal way ?
    Thank you.

  5. Hi there
    Your post on Movicol has been the most informative ever and I would be so grateful if I could get some advice for my 8 month old. I see you do private practice- is this in UK or US please?
    My 8 month old is on his 7th day of 4 sachets of Movicol- we had to increase as on 2/3 sachets he was still having pasty, smelly movements. He is breastfed and on elimination diet of dairy/egg/wheat and soya. We are getting light brown pasty clay type PPP through still with lots of liquid poo with bits in, along with the odd ‘porridge’ poo our paed am has asked us to aim for. We are unsure whether to continue with the 4 sachets and until when we would do that? We don’t get much guidance here. I have read your post about what to expect so I think the soft clay is old poo? My daughter is 3.5 and was on movicol from 6 months but she spent a year constipated and constantly waking at night as she was constipated but because she was going we thought she was okay- turns out she was very backed up.. (She is now on half a sachet)..So we want to get this right. Help please???

    • Hi
      I practice in the UK – blog read mostly in the US though!
      Really difficult to be sure where you are when early on in Movicol and good to keep him under close review at this stage.
      Under a year doses tend to around two sachets only – higher doses tend to be for up to 2 weeks max.
      Sorry always wary not seeing people in the flesh so to speak so please take this as generic advice.
      Very best of luck

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