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Think I might call this series “Paediatrician on a Mission’

You heard it here first!

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My ideal patient asks questions!


Surely the best patient is one with a simple story, a simple diagnosis and easy treatment?

Certainly one who is out the door quickly & ‘job’s a good ‘un’ but, God, really? Nice to have an occasional patient like this, but really??

Think of a teacher who marks 50 papers on students they never meet – they are all nearly perfect but there’s no real flavour of the students in them. Dull, boring & needing masses of caffeine to keep going.
Now imagine one is less perfect, less constrained – and honestly, a whole lot more interesting. Teachers love that. And you know what, so do doctors! We love a challenge. If I can’t quickly & succinctly convince a slightly sceptical family that our plan is a good one…..I may as well pack up & go home now!

Please, challenge me, ask questions! I mean it! It’s often when challenged that I start to see the obvious flaws in what may have been established thinking. Medicine and more importantly day-to-day practice evolves. It’s not just Tefal-heads in labs that make that happen, it’s me & a family that checked out Google or a stroppy teen, or a ‘precocious’ kid in a room working it out and finding solutions that work on the ground that moves things forward.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be pleased to meet you if you’re happy and it’s all easy, but I’ll remember you more if we all really worked to get you better.

Hopefully someday we’ll get to try it out!